Used Homeschool Curriculum – Seven Ways to Save You Money, Time, and Costly Mistakes

Homeschooling is a multi-million dollar industry, but the truth is that most families who are homeschooling are living on a tight budget. With the average family spending $600.00 a year per child for curriculum purchases, homeschooling can be hard on a family’s budget. Buying used books and curriculum can save you 25% to 50% or more off the cost of your curriculum, saving you money to use elsewhere for your children’s education.

Seven Good Reasons to Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum.

Whether you have plenty of money, or are trying to save money wherever you can.

  1. Save Money to Use Elsewhere: If a homeschool mom can save money on her curriculum purchases, this will free up money to use for educational field trips, games, and buying books to build her home library.
  2. Finding out of print books and resources: Publishers often discontinue titles, or make small changes in their books in order to publish a “new edition,” and homeschool families may need a discontinued title that is sitting unused on another mom’s bookshelf.
  3. Eclectic Homeschooling: The majority of experienced homeschool families are eclectic homeschoolers, who pick and choose their curriculum from a variety of publishers to find what works best for the teacher and the students in their home. Buying from a used homeschool curriculum board where hundreds of families visit, makes it possible to find just what you are looking for in one place.
  4. Save money while purchasing something you need to look at: As a homeschool mom, I know it is often necessary to purchase something to know if it is what I need. I have done this often only to find out it is not what I wanted, or just doesn’t work for my child. A costly mistake when I paid full list price. It is not as painful when I have purchased it discounted from another family.
  5. Helpful Advice and free unbiased opinions: I recently sold a math curriculum that didn’t work for my child, but the very thing that she didn’t like was exactly what another mom was trying to find.
  6. Finding brand new curriculum at used prices: Soon after the start of the school year many families will sell their curriculum that they purchased new. What doesn’t work for them may be just what you are looking for.
  7. Clean up your overcrowded bookshelves and cupboards: Free up some room for more books when you sell unneeded homeschool resources.

If you are going to buy and sell second hand homeschooling curriculum, make sure the website forums you use are free from inappropriate advertising, require some sort of login that will help the boards from getting filled up with spam, and has a steady flow of traffic so your ad will be seen.