Buying and Selling Used Homeschool Curriculum

If the idea of using used homeschool curriculum for your kids seems tacky, then you need to re-think the matter. Used curriculum is often in excellent quality, the information is the same as in new books, and it can save you an enormous amount of money.

As you begin your homeschool, you’ll quickly find that the biggest expense will be the curriculum. This is true for every homeschool family. Thus, each year, every parent finds themselves asking the same question: How can we make the curriculum fit in with our budgets. The good news is that this does not have to break you, thanks to affordable curriculum alternatives.

The best option: Find some place that sells used curriculum materials in good condition. By doing so, you can save more than half of your brand-new curriculum costs. What’s more, at the end of the school year, you can round up all of that year’s materials and re-sell them, thus recovering even more of the money you spent. If you choose to go the used routes, here are some suggestions that might help you in your quest to buy and sell used homeschool curriculum:

1) Keep an eye on auction websites. The bigger ones have an enormous amount of almost everything, and this includes homeschool material. You can often score quite the bargain here–as well as sell your old stuff at a decent price.

2) Likewise, the big-named booksellers have textbook and workbook materials for your homeschool. And the biggest names let you buy either new or used.

3) Don’t forget to visit your local library. Most are chock full of school texts and workbooks, which you can use at no charge whatsoever!

4) Here’s our suggested process when you get ready to buy and sell curriculum materials. First, look through the catalog from which you normally order your curriculum. Find all of the items you’ll need for the next term for all classes. Then examine last year’s curriculum, nothing everything that you can get rid of. Now make a list of all of the things that you don’t need that you think others might want to buy. Then make a price list, giving a price to everything on your list of items. Finally, go to the major auction and classified-ad sites to sell your used items.

There is one other option that many people forget when discussing buying and selling curriculum. Most homeschool families know other homeschool families. Why not create an exchange that includes all of the homeschool families you know? This way, everyone in the exchange can make use of curriculum materials that other members no longer need. You can include other supplies in the exchange, too: chalkboards, erasers, pencils, markers, swab boards and swab, plus many other items.

The benefit of buying used homeschool curriculum is the advantage of spending little money on what are perfectly fine school materials. Keep in mind that the important thing in a textbook is the information it contains. And information stays just as beneficial and valuable, no matter how used the pages are. Buying used is smart, not tacky.