7 Reasons to Choose an Accredited Homeschooling Curriculum

In the world of homeschooling, not all curricula are created equal. For the parent who wishes to give his or her child the most effective learning experience possible, the best choice is to go with a curriculum that is standards-based and fully and officially accredited. While these accredited homeschooling programs are often a little pricier, using a properly accredited curriculum is cheaper than having to make for not using one in the first place.

While economic times may determine many of the choices parents make regarding their child, here are seven important reasons to choose an accredited homeschooling curriculum over one that is not:

1. Increased odds of college admission – One of the main reasons why parents choose to use an accredited homeschooling curriculum is because it increases a child’s chances of gaining admission into college. While students who have been taught using a non-accredited homeschooling curriculum can still get into college, an accredited homeschooling curriculum is already in line with state or federal academic standards, as well as with the academic requirements of individual colleges, making college admissions that much easier.

2. Certified and official education – By choosing to use an accredited homeschooling curriculum, parents can be sure that their child will receive an education from a qualified and certified staff. Accredited homeschooling programs require that their educators hold current and relevant credentials, ensuring that a child will receive an education that is on-par with that of any traditional public or private school.

3. Individually tailored curriculum – Unlike a traditional school, an accredited homeschooling curriculum can be tailored to the individual needs of an individual child. Wherever a child’s strengths or weaknesses might be, the benefit of a homeschooling curriculum is that it can be made specifically for one person, without sacrificing the academic integrity of the program.

4. More personal attention – Again, unlike traditional schools, a homeschooling curriculum allows a student to receive more personal attention from educators. Unlike in a classroom of 35 or 40 students, a student who is a home and participating in an accredited homeschooling program can have instant and almost exclusive access to a teacher.

5. Added structure to existing curriculum – Most parents are satisfied with their current homeschooling curriculum, however, an accredited curriculum adds just a bit more credibility and structure to what already exists. Even parents can get off-task at some points, but with the help of an accredited curriculum, they can easily get themselves, and their students, back on the learning track.

6. A one to one relationship – Personal attention and access to educators is one of the many perks of an accredited homeschooling curriculum. By making the decision to use this academic approach, parents can virtually guarantee that their child will have access to his or her own teacher who will be focused on his or her individual academic needs.

7. The benefits of both – The final and obvious benefit of using an accredited curriculum as part of a homeschooling program is the fact that a student can receive the benefits of both. Besides being able to receive the one-on-one attention associated with being homeschooled, the use of an accredited curriculum also ensures that the education received will be accredited, and at the same level (if not higher) than the education being given in a traditional school setting.